The ENCALS (European Network to Cure ALS) satellite meeting also took place in Perth, Australia prior to the 30th International Symposium on ALS/MND on December 3rd. The goal of this satellite symposium is to discuss international collaborations, SOPs and translation of new developments to the clinic.

Speakers from our Irish ALS/MND research group included Dr. Russell McLaughlin (‘The genetic architecture of ALS: latent components and confounding’), PhD Candidate Roisin McMackin (‘Onset and Decline of Cognitive and Motor Network Hyperexcitability in ALS Predict Symptomatic Progression’) and Prof. Orla Hardiman (‘Using Semantic Analysis to Interrogate ALS Heterogeneity’). A summary of the contents of the talks as well as the multiple poster presentations from many of our Irish ALS/MND researchers can be viewed here.