A number of members of the Academic Unit of Neurology attended the annual conference of ENCALS (European Network for the Cure of ALS) at the University of Leuven, Belgium from May 22nd – 24th. The diverse program highlighted some of the exciting research being carried out in the field and was an excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.Dr.Marwa Elamin, Post Doctoral Clinical Fellow in the Academic Unit of Neurology, was awarded Best Oral Presentation in her section at the
The title of her presentation was “The role of behavioural change  in ALS as a phenotypic marker for disease subtypes”.Prof.Hardiman (Dublin) , Deputy Chair of ENCALS congratulated Dr.Elamin stating that “Cognitive and behavioural phenotyping of ALS is extremely important as it helps us to select people correctly for new clinical trials.  Dr.Elamin’s work is trulygroundbreaking , and  her contribution is recognized internationally, making Dublin one of the leading centres of cognitive research in ALS.