Our thoughts are with Tim Sheehy and his family at this sad time. Tim Sheehy, a well-known Irish businessman, was diagnosed with MND in late 2014. Aware of the gravity of his condition, Tim was interested in finding out about the research being carried out worldwide, and in Ireland, understanding that intensive study of the disease is the only way to get results and improve the prospects of those affected. Tim discovered that researchers in Trinity, led by Professor Orla Hardiman, work at the highest level to investigate MND from many perspectives including genetics, cell and molecular biology and drug development.

Tim, who sadly passed on December 13, wanted one of his legacies to be making a contribution to progressing MND research for the sake of future generations. During the last months of his life Tim, who was involved in a number of causes and organisations and was a highly compassionate individual. He put his efforts towards creating a stronger foundation for MND research in Ireland and internationally through Project MinE – a ground-breaking large-scale international investigation into MND’s genetic causes. To learn more about Tim’s story, please watch his inspiring video.